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Money, Money, Money
What makes money trustworthy?

Green New Deal: Fact Versus Fiction
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal proposes to save the planet.

Inequality Myths
Politicians and reporters often rail about "the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer." John Stossel explains it's not true.

Tax Myths
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, "people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes."...

Venezuela IS Socialism
In Florida, reporter Gloria Alverez talked to Venezuelan immigrants, and most of them told her socialism doesn’t work.

Sugar's Sweetheart Deal
The U.S. sugar program is “Stalin-style price controls," Ross Marchand of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance tells John Stossel.

Super Bowl Of Welfare
Sports stadiums get billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.

The End Of Tipping
Celebrities, union activists, and politicians demand that the government raise the minimum wage for restaurant workers.

Government Shutdown Shows Private Is Better
The government shutdown is now longer than any in history. The media say it's a "crisis." Is it?

Google And Facebook Cross "The Creepy Line
Google and Facebook Cross "The Creepy Line." Creepy or helpful?

Enemy Of Capitalism: Capitalists
Amazon often tries to get favors from government.

Free-Market Social Security
Today is the 83rd anniversary of Social Security, and this year it went into the red. In the long run, it has...

Foreigners Are Our Friends
In this Economics Made Easy video from our friends at Learn Liberty, Professor Bryan Caplan talks about...

Plastic Straw Myths
Have you used a plastic straw lately? Did you feel guilty? Celebrities and activists hope so! They want us all to stop sucking.

Is Raising Minimum Wage A Bad Idea
Is raising minimum wage to $15 a bad idea? In this video from our friends at Learn Liberty, Professor Don...

Why The Rich Like High Taxes
When politicians raise taxes on the rich, what do the rich do to protect their money? This video from our...

Immigration Myths Debunked
In this video from our friends at Learn Liberty, Prof. Ben Powell debunks the common myths that immigration...

The Philly Soda Tax Scam
Want a soda? It costs a lot more in Philadelphia thanks to a new tax on artificially-sweetened beverages.

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! But before you eat that turkey, thank private property! Without it, Thanksgiving would be "Starvation Day.

Hurricane Reconstruction
Why is rebuilding after a hurricane the federal government's responsibility? Until recently, businesses and...

$20 Trillion In Debt And Rising
Our debt now exceeds the value of everything that America produces in a year. Soon, warns economist Ed...

Green Tyranny: Recycling
Stossel examines the wisdom of recycling programs and the sustainability movement.

$2 Million Bathroom
John Stossel investigates a New York City park bathroom that cost $2 million to build.

Departments Grow And Cherries Rot
John Stossel investigates what government agencies actually do.

Did you know the Agriculture...

Save The Rhinos
An entrepreneur has a plan to save the rhinos from poachers, but environmental groups hate his idea....

Does Free Trade Create Prosperity
John Stossel discusses free trade and why the trade deficit doesn't worry him.

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Can Charge More For Medication
Former Chief of Staff for Rep. Ron Paul Jeff Deist on how the price of EpiPens has increased.

Socialism In Venezuela
John Stossel and his guests discuss the problems in Venezuela.

One Thing We Should Copy From Canada
John Stossel and David Henderson discuss how Canada fixed its debt problem.

Are College Students Still ‘feeling The Bern
CATO Institute’s Director of Polling Emily Ekins discusses why socialism wouldn’t work in the United...

Government Deceiving People About The American Dream
Reason Foundation’s Economic Research Director Anthony Randazzo argues the U.S. government is deceiving people about the American Dream.

Doctor Offers Flat-fee Medical Care For Patients
Freedom Orthopedic & Rehab owner Dr. Tom Joseph on his flat-fee health care practice and the ways health...

Cash Or Credit: Which Is Better For You founder Crystal Paine explains why she chose to live a cash-only lifestyle.

Government Assaulting The Raisin Industry
Cato Institute Research Fellow Trevor Burrus on the Raisin Administrative Committee and the government’s control of the raisin industry.

How Millennials View Capitalism
The King’s College Economic Professor Brian Brenberg discusses students’ views on free market capitalism.

Should We Have Bailed Out The Banks For Making Risky Loans
Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff on the government’s financial bailout of the big banks, ‘the...

An Economic Benefit From Counterfeit Items
‘The Knockoff Economy’ co-author Chris Sprigman explains how counterfeit items impact the fashion industry and consumers.

Web Exclusive: Free Market Medicine
Producer Rikki Ratliff visits a Surgery Center that doesn’t take health insurance! More about this in...

A Win For People Vs. The Prairie Dog
Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney Jonathan Wood and his client, Bruce Hughes, on their victory in the Utah...

America: Ruled By Regulations
Former Bush Regulatory Affairs Director Susan Dudley discusses the growing number of government regulations in America.

Foreign Aid Worse For Global Poverty
‘Poverty, Inc.’ Director Michael Matheson Miller on his documentary film, poverty in Haiti and how...

Rep. Ryan Takes On The Concept Of Redistributing Income To Fix Poverty
Web Exclusive: Congressman Paul Ryan says government can’t fix poverty by redistributing income. More from...

The Relationship Between Regulations And Ride-sharing Services
Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Adam Thierer on Uber, Lyft and the ride-sharing industry.

Immigrants Helping Or Hurting The U.S. Economy
Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota and Cato immigration policy analyst Alex Nowrashteh debate...

Rapping About Government Spending
ReasonTV Contributor Remy Munasifi on using music and humor to cover politics.

Ex-Im Bank A Taxpayer Subsidy For Crony Capitalism
George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux weighs in on the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the U.S. economy.

Stossel 05/29/2014: Food Fight
Stossel and guests debate whether or not the hype about GMOs, fat and school lunches is really necessary

Government Regulations On Small Businesses Out Of Control
Institute for Justice senior attorney Jeff Rowes argues the U.S. government is imposing too many unnecessary regulations.

Is Capitalism Under Attack In America
Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) on the free market, capitalism and the U.S. government.

Should The U.S. Continue To Aid Foreign Countries
Oxfam’s Gregory Adams and African entrepreneur Magatte Wade debate the foreign aid issue.

Are People Taking Advantage Of Welfare
CURE president and founder Star Parker breaks down welfare in America.

Football Player Turned Restaurant Owner: How Did He Do It
Former NFL player turned IHOP owner Tyoka Jackson on government versus private sector jobs.

Gutted By Government
Shikha Dalmia, Reason Foundation senior analyst, and Goldwater Institute president Darcy Olsen, on how...

Keynes Vs. Hayek
Econstories co-founders Russ Robert and John Papola discuss how the greatest economists of the past...

Overregulation Nation Hampering Economy
Flow CEO Michael Strong and Tiossan CEO Maggate Wade on the impact government regulation has had on business growth.

Has America Lost Its Grit
Radio host Patrick Dorinson on the lack of self-reliance in today’s society.

Free Market Medicine
Stossel special correspondent Kennedy on the benefits of medicine without the insurance companies.

Americans Taxed From Dusk Till Dawn
Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge on the need to simplify the tax code.

Regulations Keeping The Latest Technology Out Of U.S
Gibbs Sports Amphibians’ Debbi Gibbs discusses why U.S. regulations are keeping her product off America’s roads.

Foam More Energy Efficient Than Paper
Angela Logomasini of the Competitive Enterprise Institute argues plastic foam is cleaner, cheaper and more efficient than paper.

A Green Car's Dirty Secret
Brian Wynne of the Electric Drive Transportation Association and 'Skeptical Environmentalist' author Bjorn...

Whole Foods CEO On Morality Of Capitalism
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey argues that business has lifted billions out of poverty.

Unpaid Internship: Rite Of Passage Or Corporate Scam
Author Ross Perlin and Terry Michael of the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism debate whether...

California’s Pension Bomb Ticking Toward Detonation
The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell and L.A. Mayoral Candidate Kevin James on the pension problems facing the Golden State.

Regulations, Regulations And More Regulations
FBN’s political experts on the new regulations we can expect during the second Obama term and how it will impact the economy.

Is Price Gouging Bad
Independent Institute Research Fellow Art Carden on the economics behind price gouging.

Can Greed Work In A Free-Market Economy
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes and AEI’s Arthur Brooks on the benefits of a free-market economy.

Government Programs: Help Or Handouts
NYC Human Resources Administration Commissioner Robert Doar on the government’s efforts to help people find jobs.

Government Stealing Future From Today’s Youth
Author Tom Palmer discusses the impact of government welfare and retirement programs on younger generations of Americans.

Blogging Against The Law
Nutrition blogger Steve Cooksey discusses how North Carolina has regulated his blog.

Energy Independence: Fact Vs. Fiction
The Manhattan Institute's Robert Bryce and the Cato Institute's Jerry Taylor argue the energy independence...

The War On Interns
Author Steven Greenhouse and Hannah Jackman of the National Journalism Center debate the use of interns.

Should We Privatize The Post Office
Postal Service board of governors member Mickey Barnett explains why the Post Office is losing billions of dollars.

Is The Data On The Rising Cost Of Health Care Misleading
AQR Capital Management's Cliff Asness on the costs of health care.

Is Government Involvement In Health Care Hurting Patients
Valley Surgical Clinics founder Dr. Jeffrey Singer on why Medicare and the health-care law are putting...

Free Enterprise And Income Inequality
Cliff Asness of AQR Capital Management compares income inequality to income mobility.

Protest Signs Not Allowed
Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Steve Simpson on his efforts to help save a business from eminent domain.

Gov. Fortuno On Revamping Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno discusses how the territory revived its economy.

Government Real Estate Wasting Taxpayer Cash
Rep. John Mica, (R-Fla.), breaks down the millions being spent on empty building by the government.

If You Want America To Fail, Change Nothing
Free Market America's Ryan Houck discusses the impact of overregulation.

Government Vs. Entrepreneurs
Oyster Farmer Greg Garrett and Shelly Goodman on the government's intrusion into their business ventures.

Moore: Government Hasn't Made Things Fair
The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore on the administration's push for a fair economy.

Does Capitalism Have Morals
Economist Russell Roberts and author Benjamin Barber debate whether capitalism is an ethical economic system.

Stossel's Currency Conundrum
Former Federal Reserve Economist David Barker discusses whether Americans should be able to print their own currency.

Why Individuality Matters
Cato Institute VP David Boaz at the 2012 International Students for Liberty Conference on big government and...

America: The Land Of The Economically Free
Ambassador Terry Miller of the Heritage Foundation discusses recent data on the state of economic freedom in the U.

Difference Between Streamlining The Military And Isolationism
FBN's John Stossel on why reducing spending on the military and making it more efficient is different than...

BB&T Chairman On Opposing TARP
BB&T Bank Chairman John Allison explains why he was opposed to receiving a government bailout.

Forbes: Create 17% Flat Tax
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes argues we should impose a 17% flat tax to create a prosperous economy.

Are Millionaires Champions Of Freedom
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes and BB&T Bank Chairman John Allison explain how rich people can be champions of freedom.

Government Health Care Gone Wrong
FBN's market experts discuss the state of health care in America and how new regulations are impacting the economy

Barrasso: Repeal Obamacare
Sen. John Barrasso, (R-Wyo.), sounds off on the president's health-care law and how to fix the current insurance problems in the U.

Overcoming A Mountain Of Regulation
Members of the “Job Creators Alliance” on the growing impact of government regulation.

Taking Parks Corporate
Redevelopment consultant Dan Biederman and Shirley Kressel of the Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods debate...

Henderson: 'Buy American' Is Nonsense
Economist David Henderson argues that we should buy the cheapest goods available to free up capital for further spending.

Wall Street Protesters' Economic Myths
Manhattan Institute economist Josh Barro debunks the cries of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Is The Health Care Law A Job Killer
Scott Womack, the owner of 12 IHOP restaurants, on why the health-care law will take away his profits and prevent growth and hiring.

Peter Schiff: Regulation Is My Single Biggest Fixed Cost
Euro Pacific Fund CEO Peter Schiff on why government regulations restrict his company's ability to expand and create more jobs.

Should Companies Be Able To Discriminate Against The Unemployed
USAction Strategy and Policy Director Alan Charney on why companies should not be allowed to discriminate...

Johnson: I Did Not Create A Single Job
Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on why he believes his anti-government governing style will help in his run for President.

Daniels: Government Never Creates Jobs
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels discusses why we need to allow Americans, not government to revive America.

Rep. Rangel: Why Not Big Government
Rep. Charlie Rangel, (D-NY), on government spending on aid programs and big government.

Defending The Undefendable
The Cato Institute's David Boaz and Reason Magazine's Nick Gillespie discuss the benefits of child labor, insider trading and organ sales.

Kazman: Government Car Regulations Kill
The Competitive Enterprise Institute's Sam Kazman discusses why the government's safety regulations aren't helping.

Norquist: Don't Raise Taxes
Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform on the latest efforts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling and why we can't increase taxes.

Alabama Town Stiffs Retirees
Prichard, Alabama Retiree Alfred Arnold and Steve Malanga of the Manhattan Institute discuss how the town went broke.

Does History Need To Be Re-written
Thomas E. Woods Jr., author of "33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask,"...

The War On Poverty
Economist Walter Williams discusses why the war on poverty has hampered many in the black community.

Can A Budget Based On Values Work
Hilary Doe of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network gives her take on budget reform.

Clash Of The Conservative Budgets
Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation and AEI's Andrew Biggs debate how to reform the budget.

Can A Gas Tax Save The Economy
Jay Powell of the Bipartisan Policy Institute and David Callahan of Demos debate budget reform models.

Rules, Rules, And More Rules
Author Jeffrey Tucker explains how the government is interfering with your everyday life.

High Speed Rails A Waste Of Money
Author Randal O'Toole and Seastanding Institute Founder Patri Friedman discuss why the president is wasting...

Spontaneous Order Trumps Relying On Elites
Larry Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education, on the concept of spontaneous order and why it is a...

Bison Saved By Private Ownership
Property and Environment Research Center's Brian Yablonski on how private ownership helped prevent the extinction of bison.

Why Is America Rich
Cato Institute policy analyst Sallie James and Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill on why America is so prosperous.

Ease Of Business Creation Key To Economic Success
Heritage Foundation's Bill Beach on what some countries are doing to create more economic opportunities and spur innovation.

How Economic Freedom Leads To Prosperity
Heritage Foundation's Bill Beach on the factors that make some countries more economically free than others.

Responsibility Of Wealthy To Pay More Taxes
Center for Responsible Wealth Director Mike Lapham argues the wealthy don't mind paying extra taxes.

Blocked By Bureaucracy
'Naturally Speaking' hair salon owner Melony Armstrong on the legal obstacles to expanding her business.

Monks Can't Sell Caskets
Louisiana Funeral Directors Assn.'s David Tatman and economist Donald Boudreaux on laws restricting the Monks of St.

Dollar Vans Hurt Mass Transit
John Samuelson and Hector Ricketts debate on whether mass transit would lose government funds due to competition by dollar van companies.

Transit Union Tries To Block Entrepreneur
John Samuelson of the Transit Workers Union argues dollar van companies such as Hector Ricketts' undermine mass transit services.

Do We Need Traffic Lights
Traffic specialist Benjamin Hamilton-Baillie on how "spontaneous order" can be enough to regulate traffic.

Privatizing Roads
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels on how his state successfully privatized a toll road that had been losing money.

Open Borders Or Secure 'Em
Manhattan Institute's Heather MacDonald and Jason Riley, author of "Let Them In," debate immigration policy.

How Immigrants Create Jobs
Devang Saraiya, financial software specialist from India, on skilled workers being kept out of the U.S.

One Nation Under Arrest
Heritage Foundation's Brian Walsh argues vagueness in our laws makes people criminals without even knowing it.


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