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Eye Test Innovators

John Stossel got an eyeglass prescription over the internet. Should that be illegal?

This video is part of a series of videos on "bottleneckers." See also:

$2 Million Bathroom

John Stossel investigates a New York City park bathroom that cost $2 million to build.

Stop! You Need A License To Do That Job

"Bottleneckers" use occupational licensing to stop competitors and innovation in the name of keeping us safe.

Departments Grow And Cherries Rot

John Stossel investigates what government agencies actually do.

Did you know the Agriculture Department actually forces farmers to dump cherries on the ground so you pay higher prices at the supermarket?

Save The Rhinos

An entrepreneur has a plan to save the rhinos from poachers, but environmental groups hate his idea.

*Please be aware that this video contains some graphic images.*

What Should We Do About Climate Change

John Stossel discusses different views on climate change with his guests, Roy Spencer and Gavin Schmidt.

Does Free Trade Create Prosperity

John Stossel discusses free trade and why the trade deficit doesn't worry him.

Socialism In Venezuela

John Stossel and his guests discuss the problems in Venezuela.

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Can Charge More For Medication

Former Chief of Staff for Rep. Ron Paul Jeff Deist on how the price of EpiPens has increased.

One Thing We Should Copy From Canada

John Stossel and David Henderson discuss how Canada fixed its debt problem.

Are Mandatory Minimums Harmful

John Stossel and his guests share their views on mandatory minimum sentencing.

What Is The Truth About Climate Change

John Stossel discusses what's fact and what's fiction, regarding climate change.

A Debate About Trump's Economic Promises

Democratic political strategist Jessica Tarlov, Turning Point USA Founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk and CATO Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz discuss how Donald Trump plans to help the economy and build a wall.

Hidden Side Effects To Obama’s Overtime Rules

SUNY Purchase College economist Liya Palagashvili on President Obama’s new overtime rules.

Are College Students Still ‘feeling The Bern

CATO Institute’s Director of Polling Emily Ekins discusses why socialism wouldn’t work in the United States and why a majority of college students support Bernie Sanders.

Political Bias In The Ivory Tower Of Academia

The King’s College Politics Professor David Corbin on political bias on college campuses.

Fmr. Pro Athlete Jeremy Bloom On Using Failure To Achieve Success

‘Fueled By Failure’ author Jeremy Bloom on his career and how he turned failure into success.


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