To assist teachers in presenting a balanced lesson on some of the issues that John Stossel addresses, we have paired short videos that present an opposing view.

Showing both videos to your students will provide them with opposing viewpoints and help to encourage an open discussion of these issues. Click the topic to see the two videos available.

Stossel: "Busting the Gender Pay Gap Myths"


Response: Is the Gender Pay Gap Real? (featuring John Green)

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In addition to our Free DVDs, we also sell two college level DVDs that focus on macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts.

The college-level DVDs are designed for high school and college students. They sell for $19.95 each, or order both for $29.95.

"Beneficial in helping the students see that there is always more than one way to look at something!"

Cole Camp, MO. Educator Diana Ball

This DVD (2014) focuses on microeconomics concepts.

This DVD (2011) covers macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts, but focuses primarily on macro concepts.

Enter your students in our annual Essay Contest, with prizes for students and teachers totaling $15,500 in cash plus a trip to New York City to meet John Stossel!

You can read the top essays and view lists of all our winners from our previous contests.

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"Our visit to the Stossel show will always be one of the most memorable events of my life. I am thankful to SITC for offering such a rare opportunity. Competing for such an extraordinary and unique prize is irresistible and is a great inspiration to work hard. I encourage students to enter your contest and learn more about the principles of liberty and free-market economics. Thank you for orchestrating this extraordinary opportunity."

2014 Essay Contest 1st Place Winner Madeline Peltzer

We are giving away 50 AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of John Stossel's book, No They Can't! Why Government Fails But Individuals Succeed.

Everyone who completes our feedback questionnaire is entered in the drawing to win! Let us know how well our classroom DVDs worked in your classroom. We'll offer a new DVD for classrooms each school year, and you can help us make each one better!

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Dear Educators,

Once I learned some economics, I started doing TV stories that illustrated basic economic principles. Teachers often wrote me, "Can I get a copy of that? I wished I’d recorded it for my class!"

Unfortunately, I couldn’t. So I was thrilled when the Center for Independent Thought volunteered to do just that! Now teachers tell me that the free videos bring lesson plans to life, and also fulfill curriculum requirements.

More than 150,000 teachers have made STOSSEL IN THE CLASSROOM part of their lesson plans. We invite you to provide your feedback to help us improve future materials.

I hope you'll join these teachers, and request your free DVD or access our streaming version of the segments today. I look forward to hearing what you and your students think.


John Stossel