Nutrition blogger Steve Cooksey discusses how North Carolina has regulated his blog.
DATE: 09/28/2012

Discussion Questions

1. Should Steve Cooksey be required to get a license to give nutritional advice on his blog? Defend your answer.

2. Is this a free speech issue? Why or why not?

3. Have you ever written a blog? Did you ever worry that you were not allowed to be sharing your opinions? Why or why not?

4. Why is anyone allowed to write a book about nutrition but not anyone is allowed to blog about it? Should both be illegal? Should both be legal? Defend your answer.

5. Should some topics be banned from being blogged about? Why are some topics okay, but others not? John Stossel says even “garbage” should be allowed on the Internet. Do you agree or disagree? Do we need to be “protected” from “bad” information? Why or why not?

6. Do these types of regulations facilitate unemployment? Explain how they do or do not.


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