FIRE's Greg Lukianoff discusses how universities around the country inhibit the First Amendment.
DATE: 04/20/2012

Discussion Questions

1. Why do college campuses have different free speech rules than the rest of the country? Is this fair? What are the benefits and/or drawbacks of these rules?

2. Do you think the rules the students in this video had to comply with were fair or too strict? Defend your answer.

3. One college said that their mission was only to "provide classes." How far should colleges go to provide a free speech outlet for students? How far should they go simply to not stand in the way of free speech?

4. Do you think the case of the student with the banner in his window was an example of "selective censorship"? Why or why not? Did the school have a right to ask him to remove it?

5. Greg Lukianoff argues that expressing yourself is "part of the fun" of college. Do you agree? Would you prefer to attend a school with less free speech restrictions or stricter rules on speech? Explain why.


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