Your Voice Shapes the Future: Annual Teacher Survey

Tell Us What You Think

Your insights are crucial! Please let us know what you love about our resources, as well as how we may better support you and your students. Simply complete our 3-minute survey by April 30 and you could win fantastic prizes, such as one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards, John Stossel Books, or SITC Koozies and coffee mugs!

Your Feedback Drives Improvement

Every survey response guides our efforts to enhance our resources, sparking more engaging discussions, fresh perspectives, and critical thinking in classrooms.

Previous educator feedback have led to enhancements such as:

  • Interactive Google Quizzes
  • Fun Kahoot! Activities
  • Comprehensive Teaching Modules
  • A Wider Variety of Contest Topics

We’re eager to see where you lead us this year!


$100 Amazon Gift Card

Plus, plenty of John Stossel books, SITC koozies, and coffee mugs!

Give Me a Break by John Stossel
Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity by John Stossel
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