Teacher's Guides: Examine the Inconvenient Facts of Electric Cars

Electric cars are frequently discussed in terms of their potential to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. However, the reality is often more nuanced. John Stossel’s two-part video series on the inconvenient facts of electric cars provides a critical perspective on their true impact.

To enhance your curriculum and simplify your lesson prep, we're pleased to introduce two new teaching guides for these videos. These resources are crafted to help you and your students more fully explore the topic of electric vehicles. Each guide includes:

  • Essential concepts & key terms
  • Thought-provoking questions for discussion and analysis
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Various worksheets
  • And much more

Watch these videos with your students, then discuss their views on the inconvenient facts of electric cars.

Electric Cars: Inconvenient Facts — Part 1

Electric Cars: Inconvenient Facts — Part 1
  1. More Electric Cars Will Hardly Dent Oil Use
  2. Electric Cars Are Not All That Green

Electric Cars: Inconvenient FactsPart 2

Electric Cars: Inconvenient Facts — Part 2
  1. Batteries Are Really Lousy at Storing Energy
  2. Miracle Batteries Powerful Enough to Replace Fossil Fuels Are a Fantasy
  3. We Just Don't Have Enough Electricity for All Electric Cars

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