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2022 — The Year-in-Review

2022 — The Year in Review:

2022 came to an end, but the relevancy of the year's top headlines hasn't. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources on these compelling topics you can use to discuss the past, present, and potential future impact of immigration, student debt forgiveness, free speech, and inflation. You'll also find a list of 2022’s most viewed Both Sides of the Issue installments.

Both Sides of the Issues
Both Sides: Addressing Racism

Addressing Racism:

Some argue teaching anti-racism is necessary to counter racism, others say that the approach does more harm than good. Use our latest Both Sides of the Issue installment to discuss approaches to countering racism in the U.S. and the role, if any, schools should play in educating students on racism/anti-racism.

Both Sides: Rich and Poor

Rich and Poor:

Is income inequality inherent in a capitalistic society? Is capitalism a zero-sum game where the amount of wealth is fixed—some needing to become poorer for others to become richer? Or, is wealth creation possible? Should we be more concerned with income inequality or poverty rates? Is there a difference?

Video Library
Rent Control Ruins Neighborhoods

Rent Control Ruins Neighborhoods:

What's the solution to rising housing costs? Rent control has been shown to harm the people it’s meant to help, yet politicians keep trying to implement it. There continues to be a shortage of housing, but what incentives do builders have to create new housing in areas where they can't make a profit?

Stealing Homes

Stealing Homes:

Can the government take your home if you miss one tax payment? In 11 states, local governments can confiscate properties from homeowners and keep far more than what is owed.

Teaching Modules
Global Issues Module

Global Issues Module:

We've compiled videos on topics such as Middle East Enlightenment, China's Tech Totalitarianism, and Venezuela's Socialism. The module includes lesson resources, such as teacher's guides, kahoots, and Google Classroom quizzes, reducing curriculum prep and increasing teaching time.

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