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Stossel in the Classroom Teacher Survey

You're invited to participate in this year’s Stossel in the Classroom teacher survey! Feedback on our educational resources is important to us as we seek ways to make them even more valuable to you – but we can’t do it without your input.

Please help us enhance our offerings by answering our short, 3-minute survey by May 31. When you do, you’ll be entered into our drawing. Prizes include a $100 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of one of John Stossel’s books—Give Me a Break or No They Can't, and Stossel coffee mugs!

Free Classroom DVDs

SITC DVD Closeout

We've stopped producing our DVDs, but we still have some inventory on-hand. Request your copies today!

  • Choose from these editions: 2020, 2018, and 2017, plus The Power of Markets
  • 100% free, shipping included
  • Only available through August
Capitalism Myths: Part 2

Capitalism Myths - Part 2: Are corporations more concerned with their bottom line than they are employee safety? Has OSHA improved safety ratings? Did Robber Barons do more harm than good? Does Capitalism create wealth? Improve lives? Increase or reduce job opportunities?

American Optimist

American Optimist: Tired of all the bad news? Is the future really that bleak? Show your students that the future really is bright, helped by innovations such as technology that lets a monkey play computer games using only his mind, satellites beaming internet to remote parts of the world, and falling cancer death rates.

New Both Sides: Monopolies

New Both Sides—Monopolies: What is a monopoly? Should the government break-up existing monopolies to protect small businesses, or would that discourage innovation? How might we encourage more competition? 

New Both Sides: Are We Running Out of Resources?

New Both Sides—Are We Running Out of Resources? For decades, we have been warned that the planet is running out of oil and other natural resources. Have we underestimated the resources remaining on Earth? Have humans learned to use our resources more efficiently? Are there logical alternatives outside of fossil fuels, such as nuclear energy?

Free Books for Teachers

Prepare for the Next School Year!

The Ayn Rand Institute provides teachers free classroom sets of Rand's timeless novels—Anthem, We the Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged.

These captivating novels tap into the dystopian genre teens love—raising questions about individuality, conformity, and freedom that young people grapple with.

When you order, you'll also receive a wide selection of teaching resources.

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips: Taking your students on a virtual field trip is a great way to excite your students without the hassle and expense of leaving the classroom! Discovery Education provides teachers at any grade level with an easy way to search for the field trip that's right for your class. Each trip comes with a companion guide and activities to simplify your classroom lessons! Visit today and share with your colleagues.


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