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Stossel in the Classroom has re-committed to adding new videos and Both Sides installments regularly, so you'll have fresh, always-timely content to share with your students. Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms so that you're first to know when we've released our latest videos and resources!

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Capitalism Myths: Part 1

Capitalism Myths - Part 1: Why do so many people, both Republicans and Democrats, trash capitalism? When billionaires win, do the rest of us lose? If so, should we cap how much entrepreneurs earn? Watch John Stossel debunk the myths about capitalism and tell us what you think!

Stadium Subsidies

Stadium Subsidies: The Buffalo Bills will soon play in a new football stadium paid for with $850 million in state and local taxpayer funds. Should politicians be allowed to force taxpayers to subsidize new stadiums for wealthy team owners? John Stossel addresses these questions and more in this discussion-provoking, classroom video. Stream, share, and access lesson plans & quizzes.

New Both Sides: The Labor Theory of Value

New Both Sides—The Labor Theory of Value: What is the source of value? Is it physical labor or the human mind? Are profits the result of employers taking advantage of workers? Watch our latest Both Sides installment and tell us what your students think!

New Both Sides: The College Crossroads Revisited

New Both Sides—The College Crossroads Revisited: With ever-increasing tuition costs and the associated student debt, is a college degree still worth the cost? Is a degree necessary to establish lucrative employment and a decent standard of living, or are degree requirements in the workplace becoming a thing of the past? Watch this Both Sides installment and discuss this straight-from-the-headlines issue with your students.

Free Books for Teachers

Ignite Your Classroom with Free Ayn Rand Classics! The Ayn Rand Institute provides teachers free classroom sets of Rand's timeless novels—Anthem, We the Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged.

These captivating novels tap into the dystopian genre teens love—raising questions about individuality, conformity, and freedom that young people grapple with.

When you order, you'll also have access to a wide selection of teaching resources.

Ted Talk: Dare To Disagree

Ted Talk: Dare to Disagree: Are you comfortable expressing disagreement at work? How about among friends or family? Do your students know how to constructively disagree with their peers? Check out this Ted Talk by Margaret Hefferman. Hefferman explains that daring to disagree is necessary for both healthy relationships and productive, thinking societies. Watch this important Ted Talk today and share with students.

Free Classroom DVDs

Order Our FREE DVDs: For over a decade, we’ve provided educators with DVDs curated specifically for the classroom. We stopped creating these to focus on our streaming videos and other online resources, however for a limited time you can still order past editions—100% free, shipping included. But hurry—they’re only available through the end of June!


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