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Nuclear Option

Nuclear Option: Environmentalists claim that climate change is a threat to the future of our children and our world. So why are activists so opposed to the most logical alternative? Is the nuclear energy option truly a serious threat to society? Is there really a history of nuclear disaster that should make us abandon this clean energy solution? Watch our latest video and share with your colleagues.

Woke Colleges vs Testing

Woke Colleges vs Testing: Are SATs and ACTs good predictors of college success? Do they provide an unfair advantage to students who can afford tutors and training, or does eliminating the tests punish minority students coming from underperforming high schools? Watch this important new #SITCVideo and share with your students.

New Both Sides: The Free Market

New Both Sides—The Free Market: Do we in the U.S. live in a free market? What does "free market" even mean? Are regulations necessary to provide fair competition? Does allowing individuals to pursue their own self-interest lead to economic and societal growth? Watch our latest Both Sides and share with your class and coworkers!

New Both Sides: The Middle Class

New Both Sides—The Middle Class: Are we seeing the deterioration of the middle class in the 21st century? If so, what is the cause of the decline? Is the average American better off than in previous decades? Watch our latest Both Sides segment and tell us what you think!

Sphere Summitt

Sphere Education Initiative and Retro Report: Help your students become smart, active consumers of the news. Attend this special in-person event on March 23rd at 4:30pm for a discussion on misinformation, how to recognize it, and much more. Click the button below to see the full program and register for the event.

Everyday Leadership

Everyday Leadership. Check out this Ted Talk featuring Drew Dudley. Most of us are reluctant to call ourselves a leader, but Drew explains that cultivating and celebrating our own leadership skills is essential to making a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. Check out this short and funny talk today!


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