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Google Quizzes

Do you use Google Classroom? If so, have you tried our easy-to-integrate Google Classroom quizzes? Click on Learn More for simple step-by-step instructions and click on the Google Quiz icon on our Video Library pages to use as an assignment.

Toxic Victimhood

Toxic Victimhood: Are disparities between races evidence of racism, different priorities, or a combination of both? Does the "woke" movement help minorities or hurt them by perpetuating a victim mentality?

One Thing We Should Copy From Canada

One Thing We Should Copy from Canada: In the '90s, Canada had a debt problem that rivaled ours today—they solved it. Can the US learn from Canada's efforts and overcome its government spending problem while sustaining the economy?

New Both Sides: Democratic Socialism

New Both Sides: Democratic Socialism: Democratic socialism is gaining popularity in the U.S., especially among young voters. But what exactly does the term mean and what makes it so appealing? Is it simply the middle ground of socialism and capitalism, taking the best of both to create a more equitable society? If so, is establishing economic equality a necessary condition for political equality? 

New Both Sides: The Cost of Health Care

New Both Sides: The Cost of Health Care: Why is U.S. health care so expensive? How do we solve this crisis? Is socialized medicine the answer, or are government subsidies the problem? How much does our government spend on health care costs versus countries with free health care?

Middle School MBA

Middle School MBA. Inflation is in the news, hitting forty-year highs and straining pocketbooks. But what is Inflation? What causes it? Why do people fear it? Join Middle School MBA on Tuesday, Jan. 18 for a valuable, free webinar for teachers and their students.

 What can you expect?

  • A twenty-five minute webinar geared towards kids, but nothing watered down or glossed over
  • Unlimited Q&A at the end
  • Lots of visuals for quick comprehension
  • A copy of the webinar recording and slide deck after the webinar
Big Big Data

Big, Big Data. How do companies collect and use data about you? Do your students understand how their personal data is used online? Common Sense Education helps you teach them how businesses collect and use information from Internet activity and how to protect themselves.


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