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Did You Know? Every year, we hold a video contest to give middle school through college students an opportunity to utilize their creative talents and win great prizes. This year we’re giving away over $12,000 in cash prizes!

And new this year, we're offering a separate video contest for middle school students— increasing their chances of winning a prize. Plus, teachers have a chance to win gift cards or a signed copy of John Stossel's book, No They Can't!

Both Sides: Is Recycling Necessary?

Both Sides—Is Recycling Necessary?: 52 billion water bottles are used in the US each year, about 20% are recycled. Does recycling save energy & resources, or are they more efficient to produce from scratch? Explore both sides!

Both Sides—Billionaires: Is an economic system that allows billionaires to exist immoral? Does the economic contribution made by them help or damage others' lives? Watch & discuss these videos from Now This News and Foundation for Economic Education.

Welfare for the Rich

Welfare for the Rich: Welfare is supposed to be for poor people, but BILLIONS go to the rich in bailouts, subsidies, taxpayer-funded grants, etc. Do these handouts benefit taxpayers, or are they simply charity for wealthy corporations?

Fear vs. Risk: On Halloween, the media scares people with stories about dangerous costumes and poison candy. Most of the stories are not even true.

American Optimist: There’s so much negative news these days, but John's discovered a podcast focused on the positive side of things—"American Optimist". This new series features interviews with entrepreneurs, updates on medical advancements, and plenty of other good things about living in these exciting times!

2022 Sphere Summit: Applications are open for Sphere Summit, a full‐​scholarship professional development program for grades 5–12 educators. 2022 marks a return as a fully in‐​person experience in Washington, DC, and will run July 10–14 and July 24–28.

Best Math Websites: After a year of remote instruction, students are still struggling with their math skills. We Are Teachers has compiled a list of online math resources that can help. Check out this great list of teacher-recommended sites offering games, lessons, and more!

Common Sense Media Free PDs

Teachers' Essential Guide to Showing Movies and Videos in the Classroom: As the use of video by teachers increases, it can be hard to keep up on the best platforms, copyright laws, and district rules. Common Sense Education compiled a list of resources to help. Check out their tips, tricks, and ideas

Free Classroom DVDs: For over a decade, we’ve provided educators with DVDs curated specifically for the classroom. We stopped creating these to focus on our streaming videos and other online resources, however for a limited time you can still order past editions—100% free, including the shipping. But hurry—they’re only available through the end of the year!


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