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Our 2021-22 Essay & Video Student Contests Are Here! Offering $25,000 in cash prizes for students and teachers, you won't want to miss out on having your students participate. Plus, we've made some significant enhancements to the contests!


• Three Topics to Choose From

• More Cash Prizes Awarded

• New Middle School Division

• Prize Options for Teachers


"We look forward to the essay contest each year! It becomes a competition and it is a great way for them to improve their writing skills. Thank you!"

— HS Teacher, Fort Walton Beach, FL

With two engaging contests and valuable awards available for your students and you — it can be win-win all the way around!

Both Sides: Capitalism and Poverty

Both Sides: Capitalism and Poverty: Has capitalism reduced global poverty, or does it receive more credit than it deserves? Is higher government spending the solution to poverty, or is increased free trade the answer? Watch our Both Sides installment and discuss with your students.

Both Sides: What Should We Do About Social Security?

Both Sides: What Should We Do About Social Security?: Is it time for Social Security reform? What's changed since it was implemented in the 1930s? Should it be expanded? If so, how do we pay for it? Is privatization the solution or does it just introduce different problems? Watch our Both Sides videos on this important issue and discuss with your students.

Little Pink House

Little Pink House: Susette Kelo bought a run-down home, fixed it up, and painted it pink. The government used eminent domain to take Kelo's and others' homes away, and give the land to Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company. What does the Constitution say about eminent domain? Should individuals be forced to sell their homes to benefit a corporation?

How Free Is America

How Free Are You?: How free are Americans compared with the rest of the world? Each year The Fraser Institute and The Cato Institute rank each country using their Human Freedom Index. You might be surprised where the US ranks! Watch John Stossel's video, How Free is America, and discuss with your students:

Why Should Schools Teach for the Real World?

Why Should Schools Teach for the Real World?: In this Ted Talk, venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith discusses the importance of helping students cultivate skills that lead to success in the real world. In a society with an ever-changing job market, it's more important than ever to teach students how to think creatively, innovate, and evolve in order to succeed. Watch, pass along to coworkers, and let us know what you think.

Common Sense Media Free PDs

Common Sense Media Free PDs: Are your students still struggling with the challenges presented by online communities—both in and out of the classroom? Common Sense Education can help with their professional development workshops for teachers. These online sessions cover topics such as healthy communication skills and online citizenship, and best of all, the workshops are free! Check them out and sign up today!


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