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SITC Breaking News Updates: We've listened to teacher feedback and worked diligently over the summer to implement your recommended website enhancements.

So, now that school is back in session, we’ve got you covered with improvements that make it simpler for you to find and use our online resources.

Check out these exciting new features and be sure to let us know what you think!

  • New Google Quizzes! Integrate our SITC quizzes straight into your Google Classroom!
  • Improved Search Functionality! We’ve made it easier for you to search our video library by theme, topic, and resource type.
  • Easy On-Page Login! Now you can access your SITC account from any Video Library or Both Sides page!

FREE Classroom DVDs: For over a decade, we’ve provided educators with DVDs curated specifically for the classroom. We stopped creating these to focus on our streaming videos and other online resources, however for a limited time you can still order past editions—100% free, shipping included. But hurry—they’re only available through the end of the year!

New Both Sides—Big Government & Freedom

New Both Sides—Big Government and Freedom: Is big government good or bad? Does it infringe on or protect personal freedoms? How does the US compare to other countries in regard to freedom? Watch our latest Both Sides installment featuring videos from ravel institute & John Stossel on Reason and discuss with your students!

Both Sides— Airbnb. Good or Bad?

Both Sides—Airbnb. Good or Bad?: Does Airbnb affect the supply of housing, quality of life in neighborhoods, and lodging competition? Should municipalities regulate such companies or should homeowners have the right to utilize their private property as they see fit? Watch this Both Sides installment and discuss with your students.

Health Coach Threatened with Jail

Health Coach Threatened with Jail Time For Dietary Advice: Should there be limits on what advice people can give others? Should people need licenses or permits to give advice? Does it matter if the advice giver is paid? What does this say about the First Amendment?

War on Electric Scooters

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: In some cities, companies are making electric scooters available as rentals, providing easy & "green" transportation. John Stossel takes a closer look at these sharing services and the associated risks & rewards of this trend.

Life Skills Every Teen Should Learn

Life Skills Every Teen Should Learn: Basic life skills are becoming an important focus in our high school classrooms again. Are you looking for ways to make your students more confident and self-sufficient? We Are Teachers provides a list of 15 essential skills that every teen should learn. Take a look and help them become more self-assured as they transition into independence.

Back to School Resources

Back to School Resources: Are you looking for resources to help you and jumpstart the school year? Check out this list of tools provided by TeacherVision. Whether you're teaching in the classroom, remotely, or a hybrid of the two, they've got you covered with tips, resources, and lesson plans to make the back to school process a little bit easier.


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