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2020/2021 Student Contests Winners

Announcing Our 2020-2021 Student Contests 1st Place Winners of $2,500 Each!

Essay Contest — Karina Carley, Homeschooler

HS Video Contest — Hayden Coe, Cactus Shadows High School

College Video Contest — Matthew Rice, Concordia University

Congratulations to all 119 of our student contest prize-winners, taking home a combined total of over $20,000 in prizes! This year's topic, entrepreneurship and innovation, made for exciting submissions and engaging grading sessions.

Thanks to all of our participating students & teachers for making this another successful contest. Be on the lookout for the launch of our new contests this fall—with a brand new topic! In the meantime, be sure to check out the list prize-winners to see if your students made the grade.

Teacher with Students

SITC in YOUR Classroom: Our team would love to discover how you use our resources in your classroom. Please email with a narrative, image, or video of how you use our materials to share your best practices with us. We will feature submissions in our upcoming newsletters. We can't wait to hear from you!

Nuclear Power

New Both Sides—Is Nuclear Power the Answer: Why is nuclear power again the topic of conversation? Is it safer than natural gas, oil, and coal? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? Watch & discuss with your students.

Gig Economy

Both Sides—The Gig Economy: Do state regulations protect gig workers' rights? Or do they eliminate these popular & flexible jobs? Engage your students with perspectives from each side.

Socially Responsible Scam

The "Socially Responsible" Scam: Cause-based investment funds promote making money while helping the world. But do they actually do either? Do these investments vary significantly from standard funds, or are they simply gimmicks used to rake in higher management fees?

Death by Socialism

Death By Socialism: Socialism is often seen as just another economic system in which people are more equal. But is it really just another economic system? Is it really more fair? This segment looks at socialism and its consequences on Venezuela and its people.

Student Money Guide

Help Your Students Become “Money Confident”: Here's a great resource for educators to teach financial management. T. Rowe Price’s workbook is designed to build money confidence among middle school students. It includes lesson plans, activities, and tests—check it out!

12-Year Applicator

12-Year-Old App Developer: Another inspiring Ted Talk! Thomas Suarez loves video games. So much so, he's taught himself to make them for the iPhone—and now he's teaching other kids to do it. Share with students for a lesson on turning passions into opportunity!


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