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Please help us enhance our offerings by answering our short, 5 to 8 minute survey by May 30. When you do, you’ll be entered into our drawing. Prizes include a $100 Amazon gift card, a signed copy John Stossel’s Give Me a Break, and Stossel mugs!

Qualified Immunity

Both Sides: Qualified Immunity — Would ending qualified immunity tie police officers’ hands or restore civil rights that have been taken away over the years? Explore this timely topic with your students—from two perspectives!

Equal Opportunity in America

Both Sides: Equal Opportunity in America — Does rampant racism exist in America? What accounts for the disparities in prison sentences and healthcare among races? Is racism connected to economic status? Watch & use our discussion questions to spur classroom conversations.

Snowden: Traitor or Hero?

Middle East Enlightenment: Are peace and freedom in the Middle East possible? Can either be achieved amidst rampant fundamentalism? In this video, John Stossel examines the spread of Western ideals & the movement away from fundamentalism.

Why Politicians Don’t Cut Spending

I, Pencil: Watch this enlightening video about the production of the common pencil. For more than half a century, Leonard Read’s classic story has revealed the wondrous achievements of individuals whose contributions are coordinated by nothing more than incentives and market prices.


American Business History Center is hosting its first essay contest. Students learn about businesses, how they are built, that they are human ventures, & have human stories & attributes. $7,500 in cash prizes — deadline is July 9!

Hedy Lamarr

Economic Episodes in American History is a unique high school textbook supplement providing an economic analysis of key events in American history often overlooked in standard textbooks. It enriches and expands students’ understanding of US history and the role of economics in shaping the American story.

My Education Discount

A Performance of "Mathemagic": Looking for a way to liven-up your math curriculum? Try a little magic. In this Ted Talk, self-proclaimed mathemagician, Arthur Benjamin, demonstrates his amazing math skills! Share this video with your students to help inspire a love of numbers.


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