SITC Ideas in Action Newsletter

March 2021

Jobs & Open Borders

Our Newest Both Sides: Jobs and Open Borders. Would open borders hurt the US job market? Do immigrants take jobs from Americans, or do they create more by purchasing goods & services? Is open borders a left or right wing policy?

What Should We Do About Student Debt?

Both Sides: What Should We Do About Student Debt? Should a student's future earnings be taken into consideration? Should students be able to refinance their loans or file for bankruptcy? Should tuition be free?

Snowden: Traitor or Hero?

Snowden Traitor or Hero? Edward Snowden leaked troves of NSA documents that exposed illegal spying. Should he have reported this activity through whistleblower channels or was he right to go straight to the media? He now lives in exile and could face jail time if he returns to the United States. Some see him as a patriot, others, a traitor.

Why Politicians Don’t Cut Spending

Why Politicians Don't Cut Spending. The national debt is $28 trillion. Is that too much debt? Why don't our representatives cut it? Watch Learn Liberty's video and discover who's really benefitting from constantly-increased spending.

Stossel TV

400 Million and Counting! John Stossel's videos just passed 400 million views and teachers like you are a large part of that! We'd love it if you'd share your stories, experiences, student reactions, or any other thoughts you have on the impact our resources have had in your classroom. Will you?

Google Classroom

Enhanced Resources Are on the Way! We take feedback from our teacher community seriously — and we heard you. Soon we'll begin transitioning to quizzes & student assignments that easily integrate with your Google Classroom and Canvas learning management platforms. Our phased rollout will begin next month!


Did you know? The Ayn Rand Institute provides teachers FREE classroom sets of Rand's bestselling novels. Choose from Anthem, We the Living, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. Along with the books, you'll also gain access to valuable teaching resources that simplify lesson planning and help you foster critical thinking in students.

Hedy Lamarr

It's National Women's History Month and we're recognizing women who have changed our world for the better. Women such as Hedy Lamarr, who was not only a well-known Hollywood actress — but also the co-creator of the precursor to GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies! This Forbes article covers Lamarr's incredible career, including her scientific contributions that helped to win WWII.

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