SITC Ideas in Action Newsletter

December 2020

Winter Break!

Winter break is finally upon us and it's time for you to partake in some well-earned rest & relaxation.

We hope your holidays are filled with the joy & happiness of the season and look forward to continuing to support you with engaging teaching resources in 2021.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year!

John Stossel Town Hall for Teachers

In the spirit of “Giving Tuesday,” we offered teachers a unique gift—a virtual Town Hall with John Stossel. It was a fun and engaging event that gave teachers the opportunity to ask John questions “in-person” and hear his insights and perspectives first-hand.

What Should Be Done About Climate Change

Both Sides—What Should Be Done About Climate Change?: What's the most effective solution to the challenge of climate change? Is green energy the solution? Do laws prohibiting or restricting the use of fossil fuels help or hurt people? Watch both perspectives and discuss with your students.

College Crossroads

Both Sides—The College Crossroads Revisited: With ever-increasing student debt, is a college degree still worth the investment? Is one necessary for lucrative employment, or are degree requirements becoming a thing of the past?

China's Dark Turn

Today American politicians compete to be anti-China. But not long ago, China embraced free markets, their economy boomed, and our politicians were optimistic. Then government repression made a resurgence in China and the story changed.

One Thing We Should Copy From Canada

Canada had a debt problem that rivaled the debt problem the U.S. has. They solved theirs. Can the U.S. learn from Canada's efforts and overcome their government spending problem, while sustaining the economy? Watch, discover, and discuss with your students.

FEE Classroom Webinars

The Foundation for Economic Education is bringing experts to your virtual classroom at no charge! Topics range from COVID & government to leadership & college/career readiness and more! Educators with 20 or more students may book a custom webinar. Mention SITC for priority booking.

TEDTalk: Sakena Yacoobi

TED Talk: How I stopped the Taliban from Shutting Down My School. Educator Sakena Yacoobi shares her incredible story about risking her life to establish a school in Afghanistan to educate young girls — standing up to the Taliban to fight for their future & the soul of her country.

Walt Disney Birthday

Walt Disney's birthday was December 5. The creator of cultural icons such as Mickey Mouse & Disneyland was an entrepreneur ahead of his time. Celebrate by visiting Walt Disney Family Museum at for a virtual field trip to learn more about this amazing innovator.


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