Economist Walter Williams discusses why the war on poverty has hampered many in the black community.
DATE: 06/03/2011

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think government programs get rid of poverty? Help facilitate poverty or encourage people to stay poor? Neither? Why?

2. How do you feel about a government imposed minimum wage? Are there any unintended consequences when setting a minimum wage? Have you or your family been affected by minimum wage laws?

3. Do you believe the minimum wage laws discriminate against black Americans? Economist Walter Williams mentions that, in the 1940s, black unemployment was lower than white unemployment. Why do you think this was the case? And why do you think this changed as the minimum wage increased?

4. Do you feel that a low minimum wage is a factor in why people are poor? How much does lack of skill play a part in why some people are poor?

5. What do you think would happen if the minimum wage were raised to something like $50 an hour? Wouldn't that help poor people? Explain why or why not.


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