Welcome to Online Assignments! Below you’ll find videos specially selected from our library and paired with quizzes written specifically for each video. Students should watch the video first, and then take the quiz to test what they learned from it.

The College Scam

The Rise of Citizen Journalists

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Inequality Myths

Money, Money, Money

Minimum Wage Hurts Beginners

In Defense of Capitalism

Mow Your Lawn or Lose Your Home!

Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study

Are Mandatory Minimums Harmful?

Does Free Trade Create Prosperity?

Save the Rhinos!

Free Market Social Security

Socialism in Venezuela

Does Free Trade Create Prosperity?

One Thing We Should Copy from Canada

Price Gouging

Green New Deal:
Fact versus Fiction

Sugar’s Sweetheart Deal

War on Electric Scooters

Super Bowl of Welfare

Stossel Confronts Politicians

Mental Health Crisis

The End of Tipping

What Should We Do About Climate Change?

What is the Truth About Climate Change?

Hurricane Reconstruction

Enemies of Capitalism: Capitalists

Google and Facebook Cross “The Creepy Line”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Departments Grow and Cherries Rot

Plastic Straw Myths

Health Coach Threatened with Jail for Dietary Advice

Lab-Grown Meat is Coming to Your Supermarket

How Big is the U.S. Debt?

Toys Were Us – Now Let’s Build Something Better!

$2 Million Bathroom

Eye Test Innovators

Stop! You Need a License to Do That Job

The Fight Against Food Trucks

Junk Science Locks Up Innocent People

The Deadly Isms

Little Pink House

Will Tariffs Hurt America?

Let Them Leave

Entrepreneur Saves Free College Courses

How Free Are You?

Paris Climate Agreement

The Evil Rich

Think Your Privacy is Threatened?