2019 DVD Overview

This FREE 47-minute DVD, includes eight segments from John Stossel programs, chosen and edited specifically for the classroom, plus 4 bonus segments provided by our friends at Reason TV, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), the Institute for Justice, and the Institute for Humane Studies (Learn Liberty)

We also provide you with a FREE Teacher Guide with suggested lesson plans, discussion topics, worksheets, and activities!

Using Classroom Extension, you can easily assign quizzes (multiple-choice) and Viewing Guides (fill-in-the-blank) to your students for each video segment. Students simply go to Classroom Extension, locate the assignment you have made, enter their name and your teacher ID# (find it under My Account, and CE), complete the assignment, and that's it! Teachers can export a CSV file of all graded results.


Are we free? How free? Can freedom be measured? How? This segment looks at the annual Human Freedom Index.

Bonus Segments