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SpaceX Does What Government Won’t

Is private space travel the future, or should the government be in charge? John takes a closer look in our spotlighted video.

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Solving Student Debt

Solving Student Debt

VIDEO DESCRIPTIONA new idea called "income share agreements" could help solve the student debt crisis.Download Teacher's GuideDownload Video (.mp4 FILE)To download this video or the Teacher's Guide that goes along with it, please login. If you don't have an account,...

Lessons from Africa

Lessons from Africa

VIDEO DESCRIPTIONWhy is Africa poor? Magatte Wade has some answers.Download Teacher's GuideDownload Video (.mp4 FILE)To download this video or the Teacher's Guide that goes along with it, please login. If you don't have an account, register now for free!Enjoy this...

Are We Doomed?

Are We Doomed?

VIDEO DESCRIPTIONWe're told that when it comes to climate change, the debate is over. But is it? Should it be? Has the case been closed, or could we use some healthy debate?Download Teacher's GuideDownload Video (.mp4 FILE)To download this video or the Teacher's Guide...

Dear Educators,

Once I learned some economics, I started doing TV stories that illustrated basic economic principles. Teachers often wrote me, “Can I get a copy of that? I wished I’d recorded it for my class!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t. So I was thrilled when the Center for Independent Thought volunteered to do just that! Now teachers tell me that the free videos bring lesson plans to life, and also fulfill curriculum requirements.

More than 150,000 teachers have made STOSSEL IN THE CLASSROOM part of their lesson plans. We invite you to provide your feedback to help us improve future materials.

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