Katherine Mangu Ward of Reason Magazine, Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute, and Fox contributor Deneen Borelli discuss the biggest economic lessons learned in 2015.
DATE: 12/21/2015

Discussion Questions

1. “There's no such thing as a free lunch!” What does this saying mean? Is it true? Defend your answer.

2. Doesn't free college sound like a great thing? Why are some people skeptical that this idea can work? How does something become free?

3. Why does John Stossel say that Bernie Sanders wants to turn America into Greece? Do some research on Greece's government and economy. Discuss your findings.

4.Dan Mitchell says a stagnate society is worse than one with inequality. He calls it an “easy choice.” Do you agree? Which would you choose, and why?

5. What are some pros and cons to a society that allows inequality? What about stagnation? Why does Dan Mitchell think that the government giving away “free stuff” will cause us to stagnate? Do the two things relate?


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