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A Message
from John Stossel:

Dear Educator,
I am excited to offer you high-quality classroom materials that teachers say bring lesson plans to life, encouraging students to think and participate, while serving your curriculum requirements.

The Center for Independent Thought shares my commitment to providing teachers with the best possible program to foster critical thinking skills. This non-profit makes it possible for teachers to receive FREE DVDs of Stossel in the Classroom's videos. They ask only that you provide your feedback to help us improve future materials.

You can order your free DVD here.

More than 150,000 teachers have made STOSSEL IN THE CLASSROOM an ongoing part of their lesson plans. Teachers are enthusiastic, as you can see from our teacher testimonials displayed on our order page.

I hope you'll join these teachers, and request your free DVD or access our streaming version of the segments today. I look forward to hearing what you and your students think.