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2014 Edition DVD

Use specially selected segments from John Stossel's television programs to spark thoughtful, engaging, curriculum-driven class discussions.

This FREE 47-minute DVD, includes eight segments from John Stossel television programs (listed below), chosen and edited specifically for the classroom. Don't want to wait for a DVD to be delivered? We now offer the segments as streaming video. Just click the segment video links in the left sidebar.

To supplement your 2014 Edition video segments, we also provide you with a FREE downloadable and printable Teacher Guide (available in English and Spanish) with suggested lesson plans, discussion topics, worksheets, and activities! The guides are included on the DVD, as well as being available on our Teacher's Guides page to download.

  • College Tuition and Campus Luxuries Why have colleges gotten so expensive? Has the money gone to improve education? Has the government forsaken our children? This segment looks at the rising cost of a college education.
  • Product Liability Lawsuits: Who Gets Burned? Are we safer today because of lawsuits? Should companies that produce dangerous products be immune from lawsuits? What exactly is a dangerous product? Should manufacturers be sued when something goes wrong? What responsibilities do product users have? This segment looks at one effect of product liability lawsuits.
  • High Speed Rail: Boondocks & Boondoggles How should we improve mass transportation? Are newer and faster trains the answer? Why do so many people presume it's government's job to improve mass transportation? Is there a place for entrepreneurs and businesses to help? This segment looks at high speed rail projects, private buses, and the history of New York’s subways.
  • The Fracking Debate What is fracking? What does it do? How does it affect us? Should we celebrate it because it might reduce our oil consumption or condemn it because it might put our drinking water at risk? Who should we believe when some people tell us fracking is bad and others tell us it's good? This segment looks at the debate over fracking.
  • Food Nannies: Who Decides What You Eat? Why are there so many obese Americans? What should be done about it? Who's responsible? The government? Businesses? Us? This segment looks at proposals to curb obesity.
  • Entrepreneurs: Doing Good by Doing Well What good do entrepreneurs do? Is it creating jobs? Is it the charity they do with the money they've made? Do successful entrepreneurs have an obligation to give back? This segment attempts to answer those very questions.
  • The Psychology Behind Political Campaigns Why do we favor one candidate over another? Is it because we look at the issues and choose our candidate accordingly? Or is it because we look at the candidates? And how do candidates and their campaigns react to the way we choose? This segment looks at voters, political races, and the psychology behind the campaigns that get candidates elected.
  • Taxi Licensing: Are We Being Taken for a Ride? Should people need government permission to work? Do unregulated businesses cause chaos? Should taxicabs be approved by government and their owners required to purchase medallions? This segment looks at both sides of the taxi regulation issue.

Our Available Free DVDs: 2015 | 2014 | Go to Order Page